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5 Ways to Prevent Bunions
5 Ways to Prevent Bunions

A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of your big toe. This deformity gradually occurs over time and can cause pain and discomfort. Proper foot care can help slow the development of bunions or even prevent them from forming. Here are five steps you can take to prevent bunions:

  1. Wear proper-fitting shoes: Make sure that you choose footwear carefully. They should be the proper width and length so your foot is not cramped, especially in the toe region. Narrow-fitting shoes can squeeze your toes and can contribute to bunions over It’s a good idea to choose a shoe that is a little loose to give some room for swelling for long days on your feet. Your shoes should feel comfortable immediately. They should not be tight or squeeze your feet in any way.
  2. Avoid high heels: High heels force the toes to the front corner of the shoe which puts pressure on the If you want to wear a shoe that has a heel, choose a wedge-type heel which will distribute weight more evenly across the foot.
  3. Shoe-inserts: Find a shoe insert that will provide the proper support for you This can be an over-the-counter insert or a prescription insert. These provide extra support and cushion which helps to relieve pressure on your toes.
  4. Toe exercises: There are some stretches and strengthening exercises you can perform to help prevent bunions from forming.
    • Sit on the floor with your feet straight out in front of you and fan toes Hold for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this 10 times.
    • Place 10-20 small objects on the Sit in a chair, pick up objects with your toes, and drop them in a container.
    • Sit in a chair and place a towel on the ground in front of Curl your toes around the towel and pull it towards you. Repeat 10 times.
    • Stretch your big Gently pull back on your big toe for 10-15 seconds and repeat a few times.
  5. Take Care of your feet: Get off your feet! At the end of a long day, remove your shoes and prop your feet up. Try taking a few minutes to do this at least once during the day if Take some time to soak your feet in warm Epsom Salts. This will help relax you and is excellent for pain relief as well. Roll your foot over a tennis ball. This massaging technique can help strengthen muscles and soothe tired feet.

Dr. Daniel Dean is a fellowship trained foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon. He treats all musculoskeletal pathologies of the foot and ankle in adolescent and adult patients. He has specialized training in total ankle arthroplasty, sports injuries, flatfoot, complex fractures, and minimally invasive techniques in bunion correction.

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